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Roof Inspections Ayrshire

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Roof Inspections Ayrshire. Self-inspecting your roofing area can often prove difficult for several reasons. Concealed spaces, inaccessible high-rise locations and lack of appropriate apparatus to check safely are just a few of the reasons self-inspections may not be possible. Property owners can still identify a roofing problem without being an expert. Maintaining your property whether domestic, commercial or industrial will protect your investment. Roofing problems, if left unattended can be costly to repair if unattended. We think your roof is your first line of defence against natures elements and should have regular inspections after a heavy winter or bad storm.

Roof inspections Ayrshire. If you suspect a problem, our roofing representatives will provide an inspection and a recommendation of work to secure your property’s roof. Burnbank Roofing will provide a complete estimation of work; Cost of materials, Labour cost and Time to complete. Our quotations for work are free and you are under no obligation to hire. Our quotations are insurance ready and include all the appropriate details if you are making an insurance claim. Some of our happy customers have provided positive feedback. You can read the reviews here on our website.

External Visible Damage and Debris – The first step to inspecting a roof is looking for obvious signs of damage, including visible structural deformations (loose felt or loose masonry), dirt and debris (leaves or moss), standing water, and blocked or broken gutters and downspouts. After a heavy storm slates & tiles can be dislodged or gutters and downpipes can become loose. Any obvious damage should be inspected by a roofing professional immediately. Detached gutters and downpipes will not perform their intended use and can be a health hazard to those below.

Exterior Structural Components – All external structural components of the roof, including chimneys, vents, fascia, soffits, overhangs, flashing, skylights and roof windows should be inspected for damage, missing components, rust, and rot. Leaks tend to form around chimneys, vents, and skylights – and if they are not noticed in good time, extensive damage can occur to the underlay, sheathing, and joists, leading to potentially expensive repair and replacement costs.

Interior Roofing Components – When roofs are not inspected regularly, interior structural damage can occur. Often, due to lack of regular maintenance, interior damage is the first to be noticed. On pitched or sloping roofs, the location of the damage may not directly point to the location of the leak. Water follows the path of least resistance, which means the source of the leak is often not above the visible damage. If a leak has been left to linger, rafters and roof trusses should be checked for evidence of mould, mildew and rot, which could indicate extensive structural damage.

When performing a roofing inspection, all roof and structural components should be rated good, fair, or poor. Components in good condition do not need to be repaired or replaced, while components in fair condition may need to be repaired or more thoroughly inspected by a professional. Components and roofing in poor condition should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible by a professional contractor.

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