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We have a diverse knowledge of flat roof installations, enabling Burnbank Roofing to offer extended guarantees and warranties depending on your roof type. In a flat roof, the waterproofing is always supported by a structural roof deck. This is usually a timber boarding of some type, which in turn is supported on joists. The ceiling, if any, is usually fixed directly to the underside of the joists. Garages may be un-insulated, but most roofs above the habitable part of the house will be insulated to comply with Building Regulations.

Flat roofing Ayr. Some specialised insulation can also be placed above the waterproofing, but this sort of construction is normally confined to commercial and industrial buildings and has very seldom been used on domestic buildings. In almost all cases where RBM (reinforced bitumen membranes) has been installed, the surface of the waterproofing will need protection, both from ultraviolet light and from fire from external sources.

The Building Regulations lay down the degree of protection required in the case of fire. This can be achieved by adding a layer of mineral chippings bedded in compound to the surface of the roof, or alternatively by using a mineral surfaced layer of RBM as the top layer, or ‘Capsheet’. Liquid applied and Single layer systems have this protection built in and do not require additional protection.

Fibre Glass Flat Roofing Ayr

The most common system in the residential sector is referred to generically as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) utilising a relatively rigid polyester resin with a glass fibre re-enforcement. It is a requirement of all systems classified as GRP that comply with UK building regulations that they are fitted to quality plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) decking only. Other common liquid applied systems include technologies based on polyurethane, acrylic and flexible polyester chemistries, all of which tend to be more flexible than the GRP systems and can be applied to a wider range of substrates.

How long does it last?

UK experience is backed up by independent certification which gives service life estimates in the range of 20 – 40 years, with the most in the 25 – 30 year range. These are achievable with good products, correct attachments, installation and maintenance.

Whatever your flat roof requirements, we have the experience and skill-set to offer advice and undertake necessary works required.

  • Reinforced Bitumen Membrane
  • Fibre Glass
  • Waste Materials Removal
  • Scaffolding (if required)
  • Variable Insulation Methods
  • Hot and Cold Roofing
  • Vapour Control Layers
  • Pour and Roll / Torching

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