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Lead may seem expensive, but can often outlast every other material on your roof, providing excellent value over its lifespan.Lead materials are more durable and last three times longer than other man-made products. Lead is carbon friendly and has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals and is up to 100% recyclable. Lead is more economical than any man-made alternative and in some case can be 100% more cost effective over a 65-year period.

Lead Green Benefits

Lead Work Ayr. Now included in the BRE Green Guide, lead has been proven to be one of the greenest building materials available. In most standard lead roofing and vertical cladding installations, lead has a rating of A or A+, has a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable external wall and roofing specifications, and its Ecopoints – the degree to which a material impacts on the environmental performance of a building – measure very favourably.

Lead Services

  • Lead Flat Roofs
  • Lead Roofed Bay Windows
  • Lead Slates
  • Lead Valleys
  • Lead Turrets
  • Lead Copings
  • Lead Outlets
  • Vertical Lead Cladding
  • Lead Dormer Roofs
  • Lead Lined Gutters
  • Lead Domes
  • Lead Cornices
  • Lead Chimney Flashings
  • Lead Welding

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